Can Your Foundation Cracks Be Repaired in Springfield IL?

June 29, 2022

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If you’ve been putting off needed foundation crack repair in Springfield, IL, now is the time to call a contractor! Foundation cracks and leaks tend to spread over time. Consequently, your eventual repair bills get steeper the longer you put off that call.

Moreover, foundation issues risk costly secondary damage around your property including wood rot and mold. Damaged foundations also lower property values! However, some homeowners might wonder if a contractor can address cracks, and how it’s done. Check out some basic information about foundation crack repair in Springfield so you know what to expect for your property.

crack repair in springfield il

Can a Contractor Repair Foundation Cracks in Springfield IL?

The good news is that a contractor can typically repair just about any foundation no matter the damage extent! This includes minor cracks, leaks, and sunken or settling foundations. Note various foundation repair methods so you better understand what your contractor might recommend for foundation crack repair in Springfield:

  • Polyurethane injections help repair cracks, for a fast yet durable fix. These foams expand as they dry, lifting sunken concrete. In turn, they not only patch the crack but help support a property’s foundation as well.
  • Leak repair starts with excavation so that a contractor can apply waterproof coatings to a foundation’s exterior. He or she might also replace pipes around the foundation, designed to trap and redirect water away from that concrete.
  • Steel piers, are inserted deep into the ground, then attach to foundation walls. These piers or pins keep that concrete in place, closing cracks and supplying added support.
  • Concrete cylinders poured under a cracked foundation also close those cracks and keep concrete sections in place. Also, a contractor can mix concrete according to your structure’s foundation materials.
  • House leveling starts with excavation around damaged foundation areas. A contractor runs hoses through those excavations and then pours slurries into the ground. These slurries lift a structure back into a level position while keeping it supported.
  • Carbon fiber straps or staples help correct cracked and bowing basement walls. These installations help support those walls while also closing cracks.

Is Foundation Crack Repair Worth It?

Don’t put off needed foundation crack repair in Springfield, IL, for one more year! Consider why this project is worth the investment for any property owner. First, cracks and leaks get worse over time, as said. Second, damaged foundations let a house sink and settle, risking structural damage.

Also, property owners might fail to realize that foundation cracks and leaks risk secondary damage. What does this mean? Foundation concrete, framing, drywall, and carpet fibers absorb moisture seeping in through foundation cracks. In turn, your structure risks wood rot, crumbled drywall, and damage to other materials and surfaces.

Additionally, moisture seeping in through cracks increases the risk of mold growth and mildew forming underneath carpeting. That moisture can also damage carpet fiber and padding. It also attracts insects and rodents to a structure’s interior!

While these issues might not seem serious, note that they can result in costly repairs. Mold is also unhealthy and often creates bothersome smells in the home. Moreover, a weak foundation risks property settling and sinking. In turn, cracks often form inside and outside the structure, along walls, ceilings, and even the roof!

These cracks are also costly to patch and repair, and only make moisture issues worse. Above all, foundation issues and secondary damage around your property lower its overall value. In turn, you might lose equity on the property rather than build it. For these reasons, it’s vital that you schedule foundation crack repair in Springfield, IL, when needed.

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Buying a Home With Foundation Repairs in Springfield

Many foundation repair methods last for decades if not indefinitely. In turn, a home with past foundation crack repair is not necessarily a poor buying decision. As a matter of fact, underpinning, house leveling, and other repair methods can support foundations for years to come.

On the other hand, buyers need to carefully consider a home with foundation damage before buying. Note repair costs and if you can afford those costs after buying the home. If you can, and if the home offers other needed features, it might be a good purchasing decision. Your real estate agent can also offer advice on buying a home with foundation damage or past repairs.

Springfield Foundation Repair Experts is happy to provide our readers with this information about foundation crack repair in Springfield, IL. Hopefully it’s been informative and useful for deciding how to address your property. If you’re in the market for expert fixes, call our Springfield foundation repair contractors today. We offer FREE inspections and repair price quotes. For more information, just give us a call.

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