How Much to Fix a Foundation Crack for an Illinois Home?

April 14, 2023

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Are you a homeowner asking how much to fix a foundation crack for an Illinois home? This is a valid question, as foundation repair can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands! Also, added waterproofing and other options increase these costs.

While no two properties are alike, you might consider some average foundation repair costs in Illinois. You might also consider why those costs might vary from area to the next. Then, you can discuss your home’s foundation cracks and leaks with a repair contractor near you as needed.

how much to fix foundation crack

Average Costs: How Much to Fix Foundation Crack in Illinois

Foundation repair costs vary according to damage extent. For example, minor crack repair along basement walls might run only $250-$500. On the other hand, full-scale underpinning might run $10,000 to $25,000 or more. A contractor might charge $1000-$3000 per pin, so your total costs depend on how many they need for repairs.

Other foundation repair methods also vary in price. For instance, slab jacking might cost less than $2000. During this process, a contractor pushes a specialty slurry under a home. That slurry dries and hardens, floating the structure back to a level position.

Contractors also use carbon fiber straps to fix bowing basement walls. They bolt the straps into position, pushing the wall back into place. Many contractors charge about $1000 per strap. In turn, your total basement wall repair costs depend on how many straps they need for proper fixes.

What Affects Your Foundation Repair Costs

There are several reasons why foundation crack repair costs vary from one area to the next! First, your contractor might need to pull a permit for foundation repair. Big cities like Chicago often charge a premium for permits and especially for larger jobs like foundation repair.

A contractor also needs to consider labor costs when creating their estimates. As of this writing, the Illinois minimum wage is $13 per hour. Compare that to Michigan, with a minimum wage at $10.10 per hour. Some states have no set minimum wage, so they adhere to the $7.25 federal rate.

Additionally, consider that larger cities might not have as many workers as there are foundation repair jobs! The more structures in one area, the more demand for foundation repair. In turn, a contractor might need to pay premium wages to attract workers. Consequently, costs in rural areas might be lower than those in more populated cities.

Is a Crack in the Foundation Serious?

Tiny hairline cracks are not always serious. As foundation concrete cures, it might shrink slightly. In turn, tiny cracks often form. However, any crack wider than 1/10” or that grows over time needs fixing. These cracks are often structural and might get worse the longer they’re ignored.

Also, note that any crack letting moisture into a home needs fixing no matter its size. As moisture seeps into concrete, it softens the material, making the risk of damage worse. Additionally, surrounding framing and building materials such as drywall absorb that moisture. This leads to wood rot, rotted drywall, mold, and many other issues.

Lastly, note that severe cracks can risk a house sinking which often leads to severe framing damage. Sinking and settling homes also risk roof and plumbing damage. The longer you ignore a sinking foundation, the worse these issues become. Your home can even lose value over time with a damaged foundation.

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Is It Worth It to Repair a Foundation?

The short answer is yes, it’s definitely worth the cost to repair a foundation in Illinois! As said, the longer you ignore damage, the worse it becomes. Secondary damage, including wood rot and mold, also becomes costly to address.

Moreover, foundation damage often affects home values. That damaged foundation can then reduce your home’s equity over the years. You might also struggle to sell the home if you decide to put it on the market.

In extreme cases, a home might not cave in, but ceiling sections might crack and collapse. Bowing basement walls can also outright crumble. These issues risk injury to anyone in the vicinity and damage to items in the home. As a result, property owners should schedule foundation repair at the first sign of damage!

Springfield Foundation Repair Experts is happy to answer the question, how much to fix foundation cracks. Hopefully, we’ve given you lots of good information! You can also visit our blog to find out more about foundation fixes. To find out more about foundation fixes for your home or commercial structure, contact us today.


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