How to Know if Your House Needs Leveling in Springfield (Guide for Homeowners)

October 28, 2022

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Have you been putting off needed house leveling in Springfield, Illinois? Some homeowners might avoid scheduling this project because they don’t realize its importance. On the other hand, some might not realize their home needs foundation repair and leveling!

To ensure you’re keeping your home in good condition, check out this quick guide to foundation leveling. Then, call a foundation repair expert near you when needed. He or she can perform a full inspection and note needed fixes for your property.

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How Do You Know If You Need House Leveling in Springfield IL?

A professional inspection is the best choice for determining a foundation’s condition overall. However, you might also note some signs of needed house leveling in Springfield IL, underpinning, or other foundation fixes:

  • As a home settles, it pulls on solid surfaces and materials including drywall. In turn, you might soon notice wall and ceiling cracks inside the home.
  • Pulling on drywall can also result in nails pulling away from studs behind them and gaps between drywall sections. You might also notice gaps in room corners or between crown molding the ceiling above it.
  • Sinking homes also pull door and window frames out of level. Consequently, those doors and windows might stick and become difficult to operate and lock properly. Also, doors might tend to swing open on their own.
  • Buckled floors often indicate a sinking, settling foundation. Additionally, a sinking floor can pull tiles out of place and away from their adhesive.
  • That damaged flooring can also result in squeaks, creaks, and other sounds when you walk over them. You might even feel soft or spongy floorboards under foot.
  • A damaged foundation also affects outside materials and surfaces. In turn, check for cracks along brick walls or chimney stacks.
  • Cracks resulting from a sinking foundation let in moisture. As a result, you might notice mold, rotted framing, rusted appliances, and damp concrete floors in the home.
  • Musty odors can also mean a sinking foundation and resultant cracks!

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How Much Does it Cost to Level a House?

If you require house leveling in Springfield, Illinois the cost can range. According to Manta, homeowners in Springfield paid 2022 for house leveling:

  • Minimum cost: $426.00
  • On average: $3,525.00
  • Maximum cost: $6,427.00

The cost to level a house will depend on the size of the house, number of stories, severity of the issue needing to be fixed, accessibility to the area that needs to be leveled, and if there is any custom work required. If you need help leveling your house, contact a local contractor for an estimate.

What Happens If Your House Isn’t Leveled?

It might be tempting to put off needed house leveling, to avoid the expense and hassle of scheduling this work. However, this can end up being a more costly mistake in the long run! A home isn’t likely to collapse outright on a weak foundation, but this doesn’t mean you should avoid needed fixes. Check out some reasons why you should schedule leveling when needed and without delay:

  • The longer you ignore needed foundation leveling, the more a house tends to sink and settle. In turn, foundation cracks and leaks only get more extensive and costlier over time! The sooner you schedule foundation leveling in Springfield IL, the lower your repair costs.
  • Cracks along walls and ceilings also tend to get larger the longer they’re ignored. Consequently, patching becomes more expensive. In some cases, those cracks become so large that drywall replacement becomes your only option.
  • Moisture seeping in through those cracks also does more damage the longer you ignore needed fixes. That damage includes mold along walls and mildew under carpeting. Moisture also means structural wood rot, all of which becomes expensive to address!
  • Window frames out of level often means windows that don’t close properly. In turn, you might notice drafts in wintertime and hot air coming in through those gaps during summer months. As a result, your utility costs are sure to spike year-round!

Lastly, note that a damaged foundation often affects property values. The more extensive the damage, the more likely that your home’s value plummets. In some cases, foundation damage can even keep a home from passing an inspection.

house leveling in springfield - before the job

Best Methods to Level a House

If your home’s foundation needs leveling, a contractor might suggest slab jacking or underpinning, or both. Slab jacking, also called mud jacking, starts with excavation around damaged areas. Next, the contractor injects thick slurries under the foundation. These slurries “float” the foundation into position.

Underpinning uses specialty piers or pins installed in the ground and then attached to the foundation. In some cases, your contractor might suggest slab jacking to lift the foundation and underpinning to keep it in position. Also, he or she will usually inspect the foundation for needed leak repair and waterproofing. These also help keep the foundation dry and in good repair over the years.

Springfield Foundation Repair Experts is happy to provide you with this information about house leveling in Springfield. If you suspect your home needs fixes, call our Springfield, IL, foundation repair contractors. We’ll schedule a FREE inspection and prepare a detailed price quote. To get your property started, use our contact form or just give us a call.

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