What's Involved in the Foundation Inspection Process in Springfield IL?

February 24, 2022

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The regular foundation inspection process Springfield IL contractors carry out at various properties is an excellent investment! Foundation inspections spot damage hidden in concrete or along piers and beams. Additionally, they give you a chance to schedule needed repairs before that damage spreads.

However, some property owners might wonder what’s involved with a foundation inspection and what they tell you. Many people also wonder if they need to vacate the property during this inspection! With this in mind, note some vital information about a standard inspection and what to expect.

Included With a Foundation Inspection Process Springfield IL

The foundation inspection process Springfield IL professionals carry out is often more involved than property owners might realize. Note the standard steps involved in most foundation inspections, so you know what to expect for your property.

1. Initial interview & assessment

A foundation contractor should always start an inspection with a thorough interview. First, they need to note signs of damage around your property, such as wall and ceiling cracks. Second, they should note if those signs have gotten worse over time! This information can help them decide areas where foundation damage is concentrated and if it’s spread.

foundation inspection process springfield IL

2. Checking the floors during the foundation inspection process in Springfield IL

Uneven floors are a sure sign of foundation damage and structural sinking! In turn, a foundation repair contractor should check a property’s floor elevation during a foundation inspection. Also, they might ask if you’ve noticed slipping floor tiles, torn or loose carpet, and other indicators of floor damage.

3. Visual checks

Next, a foundation repair contractor should check your property for cracks, both inside and out. As a foundation settles, it pulls on solid materials such as drywall and plaster. In turn, you might soon notice wall and ceiling cracks.

Additionally, cracks might form around exterior brick walls or chimney stacks. They might check for gaps in room corners and popped drywall nails. Lastly, your foundation repair contractor might also check roofing materials for cracks, popped shingles, and the like.

4. Testing doorframes and window frames

When a foundation sinks, it also pulls doorframes and window frames out of alignment. Consequently, you might notice sticking doors and windows or doors that open on their own. Even so, a repair contractor should check those frames to note if they’re level or are out of plumb.

5. Soil checks are part of every foundation inspection process Springfield IL

Excess moisture in the soil is a common reason for foundation damage. Additionally, too much soil layered near a foundation doesn’t allow for moisture runoff. With this in mind, your foundation repair contractor will usually check your property’s soil during this inspection!

6. Final report and recommendations

Once your foundation repair process in Springfield IL concluded, your foundation repair contractor should offer not just a final report but recommendations for repairs and other work. For example, they might note if your property’s soil needs better grading. Also, they might recommend a sump pump installation or other long-term maintenance solutions.

Should I Be Home During a Foundation Inspection?

Note that your contractor will want to inspect for cracks and other damage inside the home and elsewhere. In turn, they will usually need access to most, if not all, interior rooms. It’s especially vital that they inspect areas of obvious damage! This helps a contractor pinpoint areas with the most damage and better determine needed foundation repairs.

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Why Do You Need a Foundation Inspection?

Foundation inspections spot damage as soon as it starts developing. A structural engineer foundation inspection can save you a ton of stress, headache, and cash. Consequently, by carrying out the foundation inspection process in Springfield IL, routinely, you can obtain repairs before that damage spreads and gets worse. The longer you ignore foundation issues, the more costly they become. Even the foundation inspection cost itself may increase because the contractor has to get much more involved in the process.

Note, too, that foundation cracks and leaks let moisture into a structure. That moisture risks structural wood rot, mildewed carpet, mold growth, and even insect infestation! Patching cracks quickly reduces these risks.

Lastly, consider that foundation damage can affect property values. In turn, you might lose equity or struggle to sell your property if you ignore that damage. On the other hand, prompt fixes protect the structure and its overall value.

How Often Should I Schedule a Foundation Inspection Process Service?

Looking for a foundation inspection near me? Property owners should schedule foundation inspections regularly, typically every 3 to 5 years. The foundation repair process set to this schedule ensures your repair contractor can spot damage quickly before it has a chance to spread! Note, too, that even newer homes need regular inspections. Poor-quality materials, no matter their age, can degrade quickly.

Lastly, ensure you schedule a foundation inspection if you suddenly notice signs of damage! This includes wall and ceiling cracks, stuck doors, and uneven floors. Don’t assume these are simply normal issues around a home. Instead, schedule a foundation inspection and needed repairs as soon as possible.

Springfield Foundation Repair Experts is happy to provide this information about a foundation inspection process in Springfield IL, to our readers. Hopefully, you found it helpful! If you’re ready for a full-scale inspection, call our Springfield foundation repair contractors. We’ll schedule a FREE consultation and inspection and timely repairs. So, why wait? Call today to get your property started on all the quality foundation repair processes and repair work it needs to have done.

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