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Professional foundation crack repair in Springfield is a service that our dedicated and experienced company is proud to offer. We understand the detrimental effects of foundational cracks on an entire house, not just the basement floor and walls.

Our team of Springfield foundation experts utilizes tools and products that will stop cracks dead in their tracks. The last thing any of us want is for your home or commercial property to succumb to further foundation damages. We use a variety of techniques to repair cracks, such as polyurethane injections, mud-jacking, and compaction grouting.

If you think you have cracks in your foundation, give us a call now so we can set you up with a free inspection. Remember, the longer cracks are allowed to fester in your foundation, the more damage they'll end up causing.

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Crack Repair for Your Foundation Protects Your Property 

There are a few different reasons why your residential or commercial property's foundation is cracking, and it's up to us to figure out the root cause. Without addressing the nature of the problem, we're simply applying a bandaid to the crack, which won't hold up for very long. Some common causes of  foundation cracks include:

  • Concrete that dried too quickly and caused shrinkage to occur
  • Lateral forces pushing in on the foundation wall
  • Expansive soil (particularly clay) pushing in on the foundation wall
  • Soft soils that are not properly supported underneath the foundation

This is just a shortlist of possible reasons for foundation crack repair in Springfield. Once our team can investigate the problem, we'll pinpoint where and how the cracking started. Are you looking for concrete foundation crack repair in Springfield? Contact us today!

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Do You Need Foundation Crack Repair in Springfield RIGHT NOW? 

Many homes across the USA are sitting atop concrete, masonry blocks, or bricks, and all of these materials tend to crack without any major problems. It takes a skilled eye to determine if your cracks require foundation repair in Springfield. Here are a few urgent signs that your cracks are affecting your home or commercial property's foundation:

  • Cracks in brick siding
  • Stucco cracks
  • Cracks at corners of doors and windows
  • Gaps at doors and windows are warped
  • Doors that open & close by themselves
  • Rubbing or sticking doors and windows
  • Cracked or loose floor tiles
  • Cracks in concrete slabs or garage flooring
  • Sloped or un-level floors
  • Creaking floors
  • Cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Bowing or leaning foundation walls
  • Chimney leaning away from the house

These are all major warning signs that your foundation is in serious need of attention. Our crew at Springfield Foundation Repair Experts has what it takes to apply the appropriate measures to stop further damage from occurring. Call now to speak to one of our foundation specialists.

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We Stop Foundation Cracks in Their Tracks with Springfield Repair Services

We don't want you to have to deal with cracks in your foundation that totally wreak havoc on your house. The simple solution is to prevent this from happening by tackling the problem head-on. Our crew is known for their high-quality foundation repair in Springfield, IL that isn't a temporary fix but rather remedy the problem for a lifetime. When you choose us, you are hiring a company that guarantees all of its work, offers exclusive product warranties, and never walks off an unfinished job. You can count on us for affordable prices, free estimates, and a friendly disposition. Are you tired of wondering if the cracks in your concrete walls are serious or not? Call up the professionals of Springfield Foundation Repair Experts for a thorough explanation. 



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"This company was so easy to work with! Most contractors give you the run-around, but with Springfield Foundation Repair, I was scheduled immediately for a foundation inspection. High-quality repair work and affordable unlike other companies!"
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The most important part of any building is its foundation. Our goal is to ensure your foundation is not compromised by cracks, leaks, and other problems. We excel at all foundation repair measures, waterproofing, crawl space work, and commercial and residential foundation services. Springfield Foundation Repair Experts is a locally-owned business that ALWAYS puts you above themselves. You can count on us, guaranteed!

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Strong Foundations are King.

Springfield Foundation Repair Experts is dedicated to keeping your feet firmly planted on solid rock within your home or business. The foundation is the most important part of any structure. Call us at (217) 225-5919
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