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When a home has shifted from its original resting place, it is in need of professional house leveling Springfield, IL. Our crew has what it takes to move your home back to its appropriate position. In some cases, a house might only be sinking or settling in spots, while more severe cases are completely slipping into the ground.

In all cases, sinking signals a structural problem that must be addressed, and our foundation experts are prepared to do just that. You cannot effectively level a house without fixing the root cause of the problem.

Once we determine and repair the problem that is making your home unleveled, we can then begin the leveling work, which may include slab-jacking or other measures. Let's get you in our appointment book for professional foundation services right now. Trust our professionals for foundation repair in Springfield, IL!

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Springfield House Leveling Stops Further Damages From Occurring

A sinking house is never a good sign. You might be wondering what on earth would ever cause such a reaction in our home's foundation? There are many different reasons why you may require house leveling in Springfield, such as: 

  • Foundation erosion
  • Structural damage
  • Volatile soil conditions
  • Under-slab plumbing leaks
  • Poor exterior drainage
  • Intrusive tree roots

It's imperative these issues are addressed before the foundation leveling in Springfield moves forward. Correcting these issues and leveling your home will stop sagging floors, doors and windows from closing improperly, and walls from bowing. Let's get your house sitting on even ground again. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.

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House Leveling in Springfield Can't Be Put Off Until Next Week!

What is house leveling in Springfield? If you notice that your floors are uneven or your doors aren't closing as they should, the chances of you needing professional house leveling services are high. When foundation problems are left neglected, the issues only worsen. One day it's your floors sloping, and the next, your entire basement wall is bowing in, and you've got leaks everywhere.

The house leveling costs required to repair these things have now gone up because you have to figure in damages and the house leveling procedure itself.

When there are suspected foundation problems, we implore you to reach out to the best of the best - Springfield Foundation Repair Experts. We're standing by to help you with all of your home leveling needs.

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Are Your Floors Sloping? We've Got a Solution! House Leveling in Springfield, IL

We're a company that doesn't fear those big jobs requiring concrete leveling jacks in Springfield or heavy machinery. Our team of contractors is competent and willing to take on your most significant house leveling projects. We know all too well the effects of sloping floors, bowing walls, and cracked foundations.

Allow our crew to inspect your foundation and get to the center of your sinking and settling home. You don't want a quick fix. You want a permanent solution that is going to take care of the problem for a lifetime. Springfield Foundation Repair Experts having plenty of years in the foundation repair industry continue to educate themselves with every new method or tool.

All of our techniques are tried and true and produce the kind of results that you depend on. Plus, we guarantee all of our work. Are you ready to schedule a free consultation with one of our valued employees? Call or email us ASAP.


Superb Slab Jacking Gets You Back to Baseline

It's not uncommon for concrete foundation slabs to sink and shift. When soil becomes soft beneath the slabs, issues can happen. The great news is our contractors are experts at slab jacking in Springfield. We use a combination of industry-leading equipment and methods that get the job done quickly and efficiently. Soon, you'll be standing on solid ground that isn't shifting to one side or the other. Getting an appointment with us is easy!

Call us now to set up a FREE inspection and consultation for services. We look forward to straightening out your slabs for an affordable, competitive rate.

*Slab jacking foundation services available, weather permitting.

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See what our customers have to say:
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"This company was so easy to work with! Most contractors give you the run-around, but with Springfield Foundation Repair, I was scheduled immediately for a foundation inspection. High-quality repair work and affordable unlike other companies!"
- Frank S.

Superior House Leveling, Crawl Space Repair, Concrete Leveling & Other Foundation Services

Springfield Foundation Repair Experts is a customer-centric foundation repair company that always puts your needs before our own. Your foundation, whether a concrete slab, basement foundation, or otherwise, is a vital part of your home, and it needs to be cared for by experienced contractors who know what they are doing. That's us! We offer an array of foundation repair services like basement waterproofing for basement walls, crawl space construction, and commercial work. Do yourself a favor and call our team for a free estimate.

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Strong Foundations are King.

Springfield Foundation Repair Experts is dedicated to keeping your feet firmly planted on solid rock within your home or business. The foundation is the most important part of any structure. Call us at (217) 225-5919
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